Wounded Country
September 2021
The Education of Young Donald Trilogy

Donald Horne, introduction by Julia Horne, Nick Horne, foreword by Tracy Sorensen

August 2021
A classic of Australian literature, The Education of Young Donald Trilogy combines Donald Horne’s three autobiographies — The Education of Young Donald (1967), Confessions of a New Boy (1985) and Portrait of an Optimist (1988) — in one volume.
August 2021
During Tasmania’s gruesome Black War of 1823-31, Tongerlongeter led the most effective Aboriginal resistance campaign in Australian history. His Oyster Bay Nation of southeast Tasmania and his ally Montpelliatta’s Big River Nation of central Tasmania embarked on 710 attacks, killing 182 colonists and wounding a further 176.
Beyond the Hero’s Journey
July 2021
True Tracks
July 2021
French Connection
July 2021
Everything You Need to Know About the Uluru Statement from the Heart
June 2021
June 2021
Captivating yet devastating, Upheaval is an under-the-hood look at Australian journalism as it faces seismic changes.
The New Academic

Simon Clews

May 2021
What does it mean to be an academic in today's rapidly changing world?
Gender Politics
May 2021
Reading like an Australian writer
Edited by Belinda Castles
May 2021
A delightful, inspirational and heartfelt collection that will enrich your reading of Australian stories and guide you in your own writing.
May 2021
Artificial Intimacy
May 2021
Top evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks offers an innovative perspective on human behaviour, AI technologies and the future of sex.
April 2021
The Sixties — an era of protest,free love, civil disobedience, duffel coats, flower power, giant afros and desert boots, all recorded on grainy black and white footage — marked a turning point for change. A time when radicals found their voices and used them.
Derrick VC in his own words

Edited by Mark Johnston

April 2021
Edited and annotated by Mark Johnston, one of Australia's leading authorities on World War II, this book provides unprecedented insights into the mind and the remarkable career of one of Australia's most decorated and renowned servicemen.
Failures of Command
March 2021
Into the Loneliness
March 2021
An original and riveting biography of two of the most singular women Australia has ever seen.
Flames of Extinction
March 2021
Over Australia's 2019–20 Black Summer bushfire season, scientists estimate that more than three billion native animals were killed or displaced. Many species — koalas, the regent honeyeater, glossy black cockatoo, the platypus — are inching towards extinction at the hands of mega-blazes and the changing climate behind them.
Picturing a Nation
March 2021
The untold story of a major Australian artist. Regarded in his day as an important Australian impressionist painter, A.H. Fullwood (1863–1930) was also the most widely viewed British–Australian artist of the Heidelberg era.
Amnesia Road
March 2021
'At both ends of the world, I have found confusion and profound disagreement about how to read the story of the past, about who should write or speak it, and what parts of it should be written or spoken about at all.'
In the Eye of the Storm
March 2021
Beyond Climate Grief
March 2021
How do we find courage when climate change overwhelms us emotionally?
Level Up Your Essays
March 2021
Level Up Your Essays  is the essential guide to essay writing for university students. Written by the people who mark your essays, it will show you step-by-step how to write high-quality essays that will get you top marks.
The Missing Among Us
March 2021
In Australia 38 000 people are reported missing each year and in the US it's over 600 000. In the UK someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. Many of these cases are never resolved.
Eating with My Mouth Open
February 2021
'To eat is to build upon our collective story. We use food to say, again and again, who we are.'
Coming of Age in the War on Terror
February 2021
February 2021
Kid Reporter
February 2021
Age range 10+ You don't need to be an adult to break news and change the world. You can start your career as a young reporter right now.
The Desire for Change, 2004-2007
Edited by Tom Frame
January 2021
The Liberal-National Party Coalition was elected to office on 2 March 1996 and continued in power until 3 December 2007 making John Howard the second-longest serving Australian Prime Minister. This book is the final in a four-volume series examining the four Howard Governments.
The Best Australian Science Writing 2020

Edited by Sara Phillips, foreword by Peter C. Doherty

December 2020
The annual collection – now in its tenth year – celebrating the finest voices in Australian science writing.
For Gallantry
Craig Blanch
December 2020
From the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the burning ruins of the Bali bombings, For Gallantry tells the stories of the 28 Australians awarded the nation's highest non-combat awards for bravery: the Imperial George Cross and its Australian Honours and Awards replacement, the Cross of Valour.
November 2020
Brisbane reveals a city of wooden houses where mango trees abound, where the serpentine river seems to be of the city and yet somehow not, where ghostly memories of demolished landmarks like Cloudland and The Bellevue Hotel hover and where the chime of the City Hall clock echoes through time and place.
November 2020
This is a book about the textures, colours, sounds and frontier stories of Darwin, Australia's smallest and least-known capital city.
November 2020
Sydney has always been the sexiest and brashest of our cities, but perhaps the most misunderstood. In this new edition of Sydney , Delia Falconer conjures up its sandstone, humidity and jacarandas, its fireworks, glitz and magic. But she discards lazy stereotypes to reveal a complex city: beautiful, violent, half-wild, and at times deeply spiritual.
November 2020
Any place you have experienced first-hand is a museum of memory, one whose exhibits conjure up, in widening ripples of association, a whole city: a red paddle-boat, a photograph of three children on a hot day, a marble Venus fetchingly half-naked in the shade.
The Long Shadow
November 2020