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Om Dhungel

Om Dhungel arrived in Australia as a student in 1998 before being granted a refugee visa in light of the Bhutanese Government’s persecution of the ethnic Nepalese of southern Bhutan. As inaugural president of the Association of Bhutanese in Australia, Om played a critical role in the settlement of 5000 Bhutanese refugees in Australia. Before coming to Australia he was a senior civil servant in Bhutan’s Department of Telecommunications, then, while a refugee in Nepal, general secretary of the Human Rights Organisation of Bhutan and co-editor of The Bhutan Review. In Australia he worked for ten years as a business analyst at Telstra, and today sits on the NSW Police Multicultural Advisory Council, the Blacktown Multicultural Advisory Committee and the board of the Asylum Seeker Centre. He runs Om Dhungel Consulting.

Books from this author
Bhutan to Blacktown
May 2023
Om Dhungel was forced to flee Bhutan as a refugee, eventually arriving in Australia — this traumatic upheaval brought a surprising blessing: what Om learned about life when he lost everything except life itself.