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Louis Nowra

Louis Nowra is a playwright, novelist, essayist and screenwriter. Some of his plays are Inner Voices, The Golden Age, Inside the Island, The Boyce Trilogy, Radiance and The Lewis Trilogy (Summer of the Aliens, Così, This Much is True). Screen credits include Map of the Human Heart, Radiance, Black and White, Heaven’s Burning, K-19: The Widowmaker and Così. His novels are The Misery of Beauty, Palu, Red Nights, Abaza and Ice. He was the principal writer for the 2008 television series First Australians and has written two memoirs, The Twelfth of Never and Shooting the Moon. With Mandy Sayer, he co-edited the influential anthology about Kings Cross, In the Gutter … Looking at the Stars. His recent non-fiction includes Kings Cross: a biography (2013), Woolloomooloo: a biography (2017), fiction Into that Forest, Prince of Afghanistan and Collected Stories, plus the Audible audio dramas The Divine Hammer, The Goodbye Party and Beatrice Dark. He lives on the border between Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo and is married to the writer Mandy Sayer.

Books from this author
March 2017
It was no wonder I was glad to be down in Woolloomooloo. The Old Fitzroy reminded me of how Kings Cross used to be.
Kings Cross: A biography
October 2013
Louis Nowra burrows beneath the sensationalist Underbelly 'sex and sin' narrative, revealing stories and a cast of characters – some household names others little-known - that not even a writer could conjure up.
Sydney: A Biography
December 2022
Acclaimed playwright and author, Louis Nowra – author of Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo – expands his gaze to explore the energy, beauty, vulgarity, dynamism and pulsating sense of self-importance of his adopted city, Sydney.