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Australia and the Language of Deep History

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Everywhen is a groundbreaking collection about diverse ways of conceiving, knowing, and narrating time and deep history.

Looking beyond the linear, Everywhen asks how knowledge systems of Aboriginal people can broaden understandings of the past and of our history. Indigenous embodied practices for knowing, narrating, and re-enacting the past in the present blur the distinctions of linear time, making all history now. Questions of time and language are questions of Indigenous sovereignty — and recognising First Nations’ time concepts embedded in languages and practices is a route to recognising diverse forms of Indigenous sovereignty.

Edited by Ann McGrath, Laura Rademaker and Jakelin Troy, this collection draws attention to every when, arguing that First Nations’ ways of thinking of time are vital to understanding history and offers a new framework for how it is practiced in the Western tradition. Everywhen shows us that history is not as straightforward as some might think.

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