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Ruth Colman

Ruth Colman grew up in a northern Sydney beach suburb and attended state schools. She did a colourful BA at the University of Sydney, and taught English at secondary schools for about ten years in Australia and Southeast Asia. Then she got sidetracked into editorial work, but still enjoys occasional ESL teaching.

Books from this author
The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever!
February 2023
The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever! is the bestselling book that will teach you all the basics of using the English language.
The Briefest Punctuation Guide Ever!
The Briefest Punctuation Guide Ever!
September 2010
Not sure when you should start a new sentence? Or whether a comma should go before or after a word? Or if you should use an apostrophe or not? Ruth Colman strips out all the jargon to make understanding punctuation easy. This concise and practical guide will shed light on the most common questions you might have about punctuation:
The Briefest English Grammar Ever!
August 2005
Readers have eaten, shot, and left Lynne Truss's bestselling book on punctuation, suddenly realising how little they really know about grammar from their school days. Enter Ruth Colman and The briefest English grammar ever!