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Voices of us

The independents’ movement transforming Australian democracy

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Australian politics is changing.

The two-party system is disappearing, and the balance of power is shifting. While these changes might feel fragile, we may just be on the precipice of a transformative era for democracy in Australia.

At the 2022 federal election, Australia voted — not just for change in individual seats — but a realignment of the way in which our political system works.

This book is about how that happened.

It’s also about what we have to do next to ensure these changes are bedded down so that we can move towards being a progressive, open, economically stable and egalitarian nation. A nation so many of us desire.

Voices of us tells the inspiring story of the transformation of Australian democracy.

‘Save the world, save our democracy: this book shows how maybe we can do both.’ — Jonathan Green

‘Tim Dunlop puts the rise of the Community Independents in its historical place – not a flash in the plan, neither the beginning nor the end of a process, but a crucial step in our democracy. This is an important and easy read for anyone wishing to understand more about how we can reclaim and reshape our politics.’ — Tim Hollo

‘Tim Dunlop provides a compelling examination of the long-term trends that led to the wave of independents being elected in the 2022 election. Rather than just treat the election in isolation, Voices of us shows how we got here, what it means, and crucially, highlights the powerful forces in politics and the media that will continue to try to reverse the tide.’ — Greg Jericho

‘The rise of the “Voices Of” movement has shaken the two-party system in Australia to its foundations, laying the basis for a fundamental realignment in the near future. But most of us know little about the history of the movement or about the theory of politics behind it. Tim Dunlop provides us with both an inside account of the way the movement developed, and an insightful analysis of the challenge it poses to Australia’s political class.’ — John Quiggin

‘A thoughtful, provocative and historically informed analysis of the rise of the independents in the 2022 federal election. Tim Dunlop charts how we arrived at this moment, the institutional failures (and some strengths) in media, political parties and in our sense of citizenship, and the possible ways forward from here, including reconceived democratic forms. This will be an influential book.’ — Margaret Simons

‘Was the independents’ success in May 2022 a one-off, Scott Morrison being so on the nose that he generated his nemesis? Tim Dunlop, in this latest study, makes a compelling case in terms of, historically speaking, the long tail of the phenomenon.’ — Sydney Morning Herald/The Age