The Rise of Fishes
John Long
January 2011
Fishes that walk, fishes that breathe air, fishes that look like – and are – monsters from the deep. These and many more strange creatures swim through The Rise of Fishes The Rise of Fishes
Robert Lee
October 2010
Trains, planes, boats and cars. What did Australians do before the invention of modern transport? Aborigines travelled by foot and used canoes made from large sheets of bark stripped from eucalyptus trees, but with European settlement new ideas and technologies emerged for crossing our vast and challenging country. Transport
Once Upon a Time in Papunya
Vivien Johnson
October 2010
Andrew Leigh
October 2010
Disconnected Andrew Leigh guides us through the reasons that our social fabric has begun to fray, and outlines steps to creating a better civic and personal life.
World Music
Edited by Seth Jordan
October 2010
From its early beginnings in the 1980s, the vibrant world music genre in Australia has burgeoned to become the dynamic scene it is today. World Music
Dust and Dreams
Barry McGowan
October 2010
This lively, evocative book uncovers the rich history of the former gold, silver, copper and leading mining communities that once existed in the Southern Tablelands, Braidwood, Shoalhaven, Monaro and south-west slopes districts of New South Wales. Dust and Dreams
Sustainable House
October 2010
Whether you're planning to build or renovate, whether you live in an apartment or a house, Sustainable House
Mahabharata In Polyester
Hamish McDonald
September 2010
The Briefest Punctuation Guide Ever!
The Briefest Punctuation Guide Ever!
September 2010
Not sure when you should start a new sentence? Or whether a comma should go before or after a word? Or if you should use an apostrophe or not? Ruth Colman strips out all the jargon to make understanding punctuation easy. This concise and practical guide will shed light on the most common questions you might have about punctuation:
Culture Crisis
Edited by Jon Altman, Melinda Hinkson
September 2010
Culture Crisis
HIV in China
Edited by Jing Jun, Heather Worth
August 2010
HIV in China uncovers some hidden truths about the spread of the disease and its social impacts.
Women of the Coal Rushes
Georgina Murray, David Peetz
August 2010
Women of the Coal Rushes is a unique and very personal account of some of the women who have played such an integral part in the production of Australia's black gold.
Radical Sydney
Terry Irving, Rowan Cahill
June 2010
Radical Sydney traces its development from The Rocks in the 1830s to the inner suburbs of the 1980s. It includes a range of incidents, people and places, from freeing protestors in the anti-conscription movement, resident action movements in Kings Cross, anarchists in Glebe, to Gay Rights marches on Oxford Street and Black Power in Redfern.
Alan 'The Red Fox' Reid
Ross Fitzgerald, Stephen Holt, foreword by Laurie Oakes
June 2010
What Were They Thinking?
James Walter
May 2010
What Were They Thinking? is a compelling story of winners and losers, of individuals interpreting and trying to influence their times, and of how ideas and power are linked.
Zombie Myths of Australian Military History
Edited by Craig Stockings
April 2010
From the Barracks to the Burrup
Andrea Witcomb, Kate Gregory
December 2009
Connecting and Cooperating
Jenny M. Lewis
November 2009
Changing Stations
Bridget Griffen-Foley
November 2009
Shortlisted for the Blake Dawson Prize for Business Literature
A Swindler's Progress
Kirsten McKenzie
October 2009
A Modern Dog's Life
Paul McGreevy
October 2009
Written with clarity and humour, A Modern Dog's Life
How to Write History that People Want to Read
Ann Curthoys, Ann McGrath
October 2009
Sorry, lads, but the order is to go
David W. Cameron
September 2009
Bean's Official History Volume II (1924) to describe in detail a failed offensive in which bodies were shattered and lives senselessly lost.
Managing Without Profit
Mike Hudson, Lyla Rogan
August 2009
Managing Without Profit provides a practical overview for busy managers and board members who need to learn a lot in a short space of time.
The Vulnerable Country
Tom Conley
August 2009
The Vulnerable Country
The Yipping Tiger and other tales from the neuropsychiatric clinic
Perminder Sachdev
August 2009
Friday on Our Minds
Friday on Our Minds
July 2009
Ethics in Practice
Andrew Alexandra, Seumas Miller
June 2009
Dozens of times a day we are faced with moral dilemmas, and our judgments and actions are guided by our sense of what is right or wrong. But there are times when we find ourselves facing situations of moral complexity and uncertainty. Drawing on numerous case studies, Ethics in Practice

Edited by Richard Francis-Jones, Lawrence Nield, Xing Ruan, Deborah Van der Plaat

May 2009
Wired Brown Land? Telstra's Battle for Broadband
Paul Fletcher
March 2009
Describes the commercial and political battle between Telstra and everyone else to control Australia's broadband infrastructure, a struggle that escalates as the Government prepares to spend $43 billion on a new broadband network. Listen to Paul Fletcher preview the recent broadband announcement, on Radio National Breakfast CommsDay
Shattered Anzacs
Marina Larsson
March 2009
Shattered Anzacs
Evolution in the Antipodes
January 2009
Bills of Rights in Australia
Andrew Byrnes, H Charlesworth, Gabrielle McKinnon
December 2008
Bills of Rights in Australia , written by the leading experts in the field, examines the arguments for and against greater protection of human rights. Original and timely, it examines the emerging evidence of the impact of these uniquely Australian bills of rights.
Turning Points in Australian History
Edited by Martin Crotty, David Roberts
October 2008
Destination Australia
Eric Richards
August 2008
Joshua Gans
August 2008
Parentonomics shows that bringing together the hard questions of economics with the chaos, mess and love that children inspire is a wonderful combination.