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Carolyn Holbrook

Carolyn Holbrook is an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at Deakin University, Director of Australian Policy and History and the author of Anzac: The unauthorised biography (NewSouth, 2014).

Books from this author
Anzac, The Unauthorised Biography
September 2014
Raise a glass for an Anzac. Run for an Anzac. Camp under the stars for an Anzac. Is there anything Australians won't do to keep the Anzac legend at the centre of our national story?
The Great War
Edited by Carolyn Holbrook, Keir Reeves
November 2019
' The Great War: Aftermath and commemoration  is a  tour de force
Lessons from History
July 2022
Leading historians tackle the biggest challenges that face Australia and the world and show how the past provides context and knowledge that can guide us in the present.