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Andrew Tink

Andrew Tink is the author of celebrated books including Lord Sydney: The life and times of Tommy Townshend, Air Disaster Canberra and Australia 1901–2001. His biography William Charles Wentworth won The Nib award for literature in 2010. Before taking up writing, Andrew was shadow attorney-general and shadow leader of the House in the NSW Parliament, following an earlier career as a barrister. Andrew is currently an adjunct professor at Macquarie University.

Books from this author
Australia 1901 - 2001
November 2014
Tink's story is driven by people, whether they be prime ministers, soldiers, shop-keepers, singers, footballers or farmers; a mix of men or women, Australian-born, immigrants and Aborigines. He brings the decades to life, writing with empathy, humour and insight to create a narrative that is as entertaining as it is illuminating.
Honeysuckle Creek
November 2018
Honeysuckle Creek reveals the pivotal role that the tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek, near Canberra, played in the first moon landing. Andrew Tink gives a gripping account of the role of its director Tom Reid and his colleagues in transmitting some of the most-watched images in human history as Neil Armstrong took his first step.