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Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Mitchell is presenter of ABC Radio National's science, technology and culture program and podcast, Science Friction. She is an award-winning ABC journalist, presenter, podcaster, producer, and audio storyteller. She has hosted some of ABC RN’s most popular programs, including Life Matters (2012-2016) and was the founding presenter & producer of the popular science, psychology & culture radio program, All in the Mind, from 2002-12. She served as a board member and then as vice president of the World Federation of Science Journalists between 2009-13.

Books from this author
The Best Australian Science Writing 2013
November 2013
Could the dodo make a comeback? What does science tell us about the sex in Fifty Shades of Grey ? Is giving up meat really the greenest option? Can you use tweets to spot a psychopath? Do birds make art? What do the Cold War and climate science have in common? And can a psychologist interpret your farts?