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Meredith Burgmann

Meredith Burgmann is a former academic who also served as a (Labor) president of the NSW Upper House. She is the co-author, with Verity Burgmann, of Green Bans, Red Union: The saving of a city, which was reissued twenty years after its original 1998 publication. Meredith has also authored books on ASIO and misogyny. She is the founder of the Ernie Awards for Sexism. On retirement from parliament, she was elected president of the Australian Council for International Development. Meredith is a Sydney Swans ambassador.

Books from this author
April 2021
The Sixties — an era of protest,free love, civil disobedience, duffel coats, flower power, giant afros and desert boots, all recorded on grainy black and white footage — marked a turning point for change. A time when radicals found their voices and used them.
Dirty Secrets
May 2014
Well-known Australians – mavericks, activists, movers and shakers – reflect on their own ASIO files.
Green Bans, Red Union
February 2017
Revised edition of a landmark book Green Bans ,  Red Union