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John Pickrell

John Pickrell is an award-winning journalist, the author of Flying Dinosaurs and Weird Dinosaurs, and the former editor of Australian Geographic magazine. He is currently Nature’s Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief. He has worked in London, Washington, DC and Sydney for New Scientist, Science, Science News, Australian Geographic and Cosmos. John’s articles can also be found at Nature, National Geographic, Scientific American, BBC Focus, the Guardian and the ABC. He has been a finalist in the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes three times, won an Earth Journalism Award and has been repeatedly featured in The Best Australian Science Writing. He was the editor of the 2018 anthology. He studied biology at Imperial College in the United Kingdom and has a Master of Science in taxonomy and biodiversity from the Natural History Museum, London. Find him on Twitter @john_pickrell.

Books from this author
Flames of Extinction
March 2021
Over Australia's 2019–20 Black Summer bushfire season, scientists estimate that more than three billion native animals were killed or displaced. Many species — koalas, the regent honeyeater, glossy black cockatoo, the platypus — are inching towards extinction at the hands of mega-blazes and the changing climate behind them.
Flying Dinosaurs
June 2014
Dinosaurs didn't die out when an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. Get ready to unthink what you thought you knew and journey into the deep, dark depths of the Jurassic .
Weird Dinosaurs
November 2016
We're in a golden age of discovery – and the fossils coming to light show dinosaurs were stranger, bigger, scarier and more diverse than we ever imagined.
The Best Australian Science Writing 2018

Edited by John Pickrell

November 2018
'For the general reader, there are few better ways to get the backstory to the latest developments and controversies in science than through this annual collection of essays (and poems).' — Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald