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The Best Australian Science Writing 2018

Edited by John Pickrell

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'For the general reader, there are few better ways to get the backstory to the latest developments and controversies in science than through this annual collection of essays (and poems).' — Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald

This popular yearly anthology gives a snapshot of the very best science writing Australia has to offer, including everything from the most esoteric philosophical questions about ourselves and the universe, through to practical questions about the environment in which we live.

Now in its eighth year, The Best Australian Science Writing 2018 draws on the knowledge and insight of Australia's brightest authors, journalists and scientists to challenge perceptions of the world we think we know.

This year's selection includes the best of Australia's science writing talent: Jo Chandler, Andrew Leigh, Michael Slezak, Elizabeth Finkel, Bianca Nogrady, Ashley Hay, Joel Werner, Margaret Wertheim and many more.

'The type of writing epitomised by Gould (who died in 2002) – accessible, intelligent, and entertaining – has inspired generations, and, I am glad to say, continues today in the likes of The Best Australian Science Writing 2018, edited by John Pickrell. The latest compilation of recent popular science writing, it showcases advancements in research but also highlights the importance of fundamental concepts championed by writers like Gould.' — Paul Humphries, Australian Book Review