New releases

Those Dashing McDonagh Sisters: Australia’s first female filmmaking team
November 2022
Introducing the McDonagh sisters … a trio of extraordinary and ground-breaking filmmakers.
Boundary Crossers: The hidden history of Australia's other bushrangers
November 2022
Not all Australian bushrangers were white men, and not all were seen in a glowing light in their own time — historian Meg Foster reveals the stories of bushrangers who didn’t fit the mould.
Elizabeth and John
November 2022
A landmark and revealing joint biography of Elizabeth and John Macarthur, from one of Australia’s most respected historians.
The Best Australian Science Writing 2022

Edited by Ivy Shih

November 2022
The annual collection – now in its twelfth year – celebrating the finest voices in Australian science writing.
Dark Winter: An insider’s guide to pandemics and biosecurity
November 2022
World-renowned epidemiologist and biosecurity expert Raina MacIntyre reveals her insights into biological warfare, pandemics and the threats that lie ahead.
How to Rule Your Own Country: The weird and wonderful world of micronations
November 2022
How to Rule Your Own Country is a lively account of the people who decide that ‘enough is enough’ and create their own nation.
Tongerlongeter: First Nations Leader and Tasmanian War Hero, new edition
November 2022
An epic story of resistance, suffering and survival. Tongerlongeter resurrects a once-in-a-generation leader all Australians can admire.
Wizards of Oz: How Oliphant and Florey helped win the war and shape the modern world
October 2022
The remarkable story of Howard Florey and Mark Oliphant, two Australian scientists who played a vital role in the Allied victory in the Second World War and changed the course of history.
Suburban Noir: Crime and mishap in 1950s and 1960s Sydney
October 2022
Peter Doyle – author of City of Shadows and Crooks Like Us – draws from forensic records and the private papers of detective Brian Doyle (the most famous cop of the day and Peter’s uncle), to explore the criminal underbelly of mid-20th century Sydney.
The Naturalist: The remarkable life of Allan Riverstone McCulloch
October 2022
For lovers of natural history, this is the first book to explore Allan Riverstone McCulloch’s scientific genius, artistic talents and his crucial role in the development of the Australian Museum.
2023 Australasian Sky Guide
October 2022
The definitive guide to observing the Australian and New Zealand night sky.
Curlews on Vulture Street
September 2022
Acclaimed urban ecologist Darryl Jones reveals the not-so-secret lives of the most common birds that share our towns and cities.
Darwin Spitfires
August 2022
It has been 80 years since the bombing of Darwin. This anniversary edition of Darwin Spitfires offers a detailed and fascinating history of this unparalleled attack.