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2025 Australasian Sky Guide

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Featuring monthly sky maps, with details of the movement of the planets, stars and constellations, the 2025 Australasian Sky Guide is a must-have handbook to the year’s most exciting celestial events. Opening with a guest essay by Gadigal woman Aunty Joanne Selfe on First Nations Understandings of the Cosmos, the book offers the latest information on the solar system and its history, as well as tips for optimal viewing. This popular guide by astronomer and author Dr Nick Lomb provides stargazers with the ultimate companion to the southern night sky.


Opposition of Mars in January

Eclipses of the Moon in March and September

Mercury, Venus and Saturn close together

Eta Aquariid meteor shower in May

Partial eclipse of the Sun in September

Supermoons in November and December

Geminid meteor shower in December

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