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Take Flight

Incredible stories of Australian women who reach for the sky

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‘We’d taken three weeks to climb the mountain and three minutes to fly down. I felt small but enormous and so much more than this little human shell.’ – Heather Swan, wingsuit BASE jumper

From balancing on a wing tip to paragliding with an eagle, Take Flight tells the stories of Australian women who have leapt, tumbled and dived, and reached for the stars.

These inspirational women share stories of their lives in the skies. Helicopter pilot Alida Soemawinata ascends over Kata Tjuṯa. Speed skydiver Jessica Johnston joins a formation of ‘horny gorillas’ hurtling through an azure African sky. Paramotor pilot Sacha Dench follows the flight path of Bewick’s swans for thousands of kilometres. Hot air balloonist Donna Tasker fills the envelope and glides over Western Australia. Gomeroi astrophysicist Krystal De Napoli points up to the Seven Sisters in the dark night sky.

Author and pilot Kathy Mexted weaves a moving narrative of the determination, skill and expertise of these women who have beaten the odds to find success and joy in the skies.

‘Beautifully written, these captivating stories about women in flight will make you wish you had even half their bravery and passion.’ – Lisa Millar, TV presenter

‘Kathy Mexted captures beautiful insights into these normal yet audacious and courageous women and their breathtaking aviation adventures.’ – Linda Beilharz, Polar explorer and pilot

‘The writing and the stories are so good that the book itself deserves to take flight-off the shelves.’ – Michael Dillon, filmmaker

‘Amazing flyers, amazing women, amazing lives. From flying with swans in the freezing skies over Europe to piloting choppers in the Outback to – of all things – BASE jumping in the Himalayas, and many more. Kathy Mexted writes brilliantly, vividly, sometimes even breathlessly – bringing us this remarkable collection of stories of women who have chased down their lighter-than-air dreams. The word ‘inspiring’ doesn't even come close.’ – Michael Veitch, author

‘From free falling to paramotor and adrenaline-pumping aerobatics – a masterful recount of those who take flight.’ – Ryan Campbell, pilot

‘Wonderful and diverse! Kathy Mexted’s passion, inquiry and talent has created a book that inspires flight, energy and the desire to turn the page.’ – Amanda-Lyn Pearson, pilot, circus aerialist, creator and director of The Crackup Sisters

‘Who doesn’t need a little inspo in their lives? When women who choose to fly, have their remarkable stories collated, prepare to have your own heart and mind soar!’ – Catriona Rowntree, TV presenter

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