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Hugh Dolan

Hugh Dolan is a storyteller with a keen interest in Australian history. He is the author of a number of books on major Australian events, and now prefers to use the medium of graphic novels — or factual comics. Two of his latest titles — Gallipoli: The landing and Reg Saunders: An Indigenous war hero — won the educational publishing award for junior secondary student resource. Hugh prefers the medium of the graphic novel because he feels he can catch more readers this way.

Hugh is the first to admit that at school he had difficulties reading, and was in the bottom set for maths, science and every class at school. It was through comic books like Asterix The Gaul and Tin Tin that Hugh first ventured into a library. Hugh served in the Royal Australian Air Force after graduating from a degree in history at Oxford University. He is now retired and writes part-time.

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