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Dave Dye

Dave Dye had a variety of jobs, including farmhand, stockman, fireman and soldier before he began illustrating books. After 28 years in the Army he retired in 2011 and began writing, illustrating and self-publishing his own comic books, including the graphic novel-sized history, The Anzac Legend, which was awarded Comicoz’s Best Australian Comic 2014. He then wrote and illustrated two comic short-story collections called Amazing Tales #1 and Amazing Tales #2. Over the years he has collaborated with many writers and his work has featured in Australian and international comic magazines — Decay, Retro Sci-Fi, Ledger’s Annual, Oi Oi Oi and Reverie within Australia; and Meanwhile (Soaring Press), Biodegradeable and Future Quake (all UK publications). In 2018, Dave was invited to exhibit his comics and art at the International Comics and Games Festival in Lodz, Poland (the biggest comics event in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe).

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