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Blackheath History Forum Program 2023

Book now to hear from our fantastic NewSouth authors in this year's Blackheath History Forum Program

Peter Doyle, Suburban Noir: Crime and mishap in 1950s and 1960s Sydney

Pre-Season History @ The Pub, Gardeners Inn, Blackheath
Saturday 18 March, 4pm

Join Peter as he chats with Nancy Cushing about the everyday crime and catastrophe that went on in the fibro and brick veneers, the backyards, bedrooms, vacant lots and pokie palaces of 1950s and 1960s suburbia.

Bookings and further details

Ann McGrath and Jakelin Troy, Everywhen: Australia and the Language of Deep History

Blackheath History Forum, Blackheath Public School, Leichhardt St, Blackheath
Saturday 12 August, 3:30pm for 4pm start

Ann McGrath and Jakelin Troy discuss how knowledge systems of Aboriginal people can broaden our understanding of the past and of history. Indigenous ways of knowing, narrating, and re-enacting the past in the present blur the distinctions of time, making all history now, with questions of time and language at the heart of Indigenous sovereignty.

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Meg Foster, Boundary Crossers: The hidden history of Australia's other bushrangers

Blackheath History Forum, Blackheath Public School, Leichhardt St, Blackheath
Saturday 9 September, 3:30pm for 4pm start

Join Meg Foster for this History Week talk as she reveals the stories of bushrangers who didn't fit the mould as we have come to understand it. These bushrangers’ remarkable lives have been forgotten, obscured, misrepresented or erased from the national story for over a century, and this is no accident. All is not as it appears. There is far more to these bushrangers, and their histories, than immediately meets the eye.

Bookings and further details
Blackheath History Forum 2023
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