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Tanya Evans

Tanya Evans is a public historian who specialises in the history of the family, motherhood, poverty and sexuality. She teaches Australian history and public history at Macquarie University in Sydney. She is passionate about researching ordinary people and places from the past. She lives in Mosman.

Books from this author
Swimming with The Spit
October 2016
This gorgeous book celebrates not just an illustrious swimming club on one of the most beautiful spots on Sydney Harbour but also the joy to be found in swimming itself. And while there can be few sensations more immediate and invigorating than diving into cool water, it invites us to think about those that have swum before.
Fractured Families
April 2015
Most convicts arriving in New South Wales didn't expect to make their fortunes. Some went on to great success, but countless convicts and free migrants struggled with limited prospects, discrimination and misfortune. Many desperate people turned to The Benevolent Society, Australia's first charity founded in 1813, for assistance and sustenance.