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Liz Allen

Liz Allen is a demographer and social researcher, teaching research methods and researching population dynamics at the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods. She uses her analytic skills to provide much-needed information about data (for example the census and marriage postal survey) or population dynamics (for example immigration and fertility). Liz has written numerous pieces for The Conversation, scholarly articles in academic journals and contributions to research reports. She was named in the inaugural ABC Top 5 Humanities and Social Sciences academics in Australia 2018. She can be found on social media under the alter ego of Dr Demography.

Books from this author
The Future of Us
April 2020
Demography is far more important than destiny. By tracing connections between a population's past and present, demographers can foresee its future. The true wonder of demography, though, is not its ability to predict the future but to shape it. With energy and passion, demographer Liz Allen sets out the potential paths to make Australia better.