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Jo Chandler

Jo Chandler is an award-winning journalist, author and educator. Her focus is on explanatory reporting on science, climate, environment, health, human rights and development. Formerly a staffer at The Age, her work has featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, the Atlantic, The Monthly, Griffith Review, ABC Radio National, Good Weekend, the Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmos, New Scientist and Undark, among others. She is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne: <>.

Books from this author
The Best Australian Science Writing 2016

Edited by Jo Chandler, foreword by Ms Fiona Stanley

November 2016
From the furthest reaches of the universe to the microscopic world of our genes, science offers writers the kind of scope other subjects simply can't match. Good writing about science can be moving, funny, exhilarating or poetic, but it will always be honest and rigorous about the research that underlies it.