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Christina Twomey

Christina Twomey is Professor of History at Monash University, Melbourne. She is the author of three books, A History of Australia (co-authored with Mark Peel, 2nd Edition, 2017), Australia’s Forgotten Prisoners: Civilians Interned by the Japanese in World War Two (2007) and Deserted and Destitute: Motherhood, Wife Desertion and Colonial Welfare (2002). Christina has also published widely on the cultural history of war, with a focus on issues of imprisonment, captivity, witnessing, the photography of atrocity, gender and memory.

Books from this author
The Battle Within
February 2018
Head-aches. Dizziness. Can't sleep. Bad dreams (never have been released). The rice jungle had some compensation to some of us who just don't seem to make a success of our return  — ROBERT, A RETURNED POW