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Bonney Djuric

Parragirl Bonney Djuric OAM is an artist, writer, historian and activist whose art practice spans painting, new media and textiles. She is co-founder of Parragirls and director of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Association, and an expert on the memorialisation of institutional sites of confinement associated with women, children and mental health, and author of two monographs on the Female Factory Precinct: Abandon All Hope (2011) and 14 Years of Hell (2008). Bonney has realised many individual and collaborative creative works significant to the history of the precinct and Parramatta Girls Home, including new work for seven major memory project exhibitions since 2013. Her advocacy on behalf of Parragirls and other Forgotten Australians has been acknowledged in the New South Wales and Australian parliaments. She was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia, and a Parramatta Australia Day Award in 2017; the Parramatta Heritage Advocacy Award in 2013; and a National Volunteer Award in 2011. Bonney is Adjunct Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design Sydney.

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