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Sally Young - Media Monsters Events


The award-winning author of Paper Emperors, Sally Young, discusses her newly released book, Media Monsters: The Transformation of Australia’s Newspaper Empires, with Melanie Kembrey. In the book, Sally uncovers the key players, their political connections and campaigns, and their corporate failures and triumphs.

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In 1941, the paper emperors of the Australian newspaper industry helped bring down Robert Menzies. Over the next 30 years, they grew into Media Monsters.

Sally Young will discuss the transformation from the golden age of newspapers during World War II, through Menzies’ return and the rise of television, to Gough Whitlam’s ‘It’s Time’ victory in 1972.

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Sally Young will be in conversation with Mark Kenny on her new book Media Monsters The Transformation of Australia's Newspaper Empires, which uncovers the key players, their political connections and campaigns and the corporate failures and triumphs of the companies that still influence Australia today.

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