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Sunday 13 March 2022 | 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM

See author John Blay in conversation with Minister for Environment and Heritage James Griffin and Bob Debus, discussing Wild Nature

In Wild Nature, the bestselling author of On Track charts the forests' shared history, their natural history, the forest wars, the establishment of the South East Forests National Park and the threats that continue to dog their existence, including devastating bushfires. Along the way Blay asks the big questions. What do we really know about these wild forests? How did the forests come to be the way they are? What is the importance of wild nature to our civilisation?

John Blay, writer and naturalist, has long-standing connections with Australia’s south east and has written extensively about its nature and its people. He has walked throughout the region while researching its forests, their chequered history and national parks. Wild Nature, a journey to the heart of the forests, is the third part of a trilogy.

Bob Debus is NSW's longest serving Environment Minister, who increased its national park protected area by more than a third. He is a committed conservationist: chair of the Colong Foundation For Wilderness and of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, a project working for landscape-scale conservation across land of all tenures in eastern Australia.

2.30 for 3PM start at Gleebooks. Entry is free but registrations are essential.

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