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The Relationship is the Project

A guide to working with communities

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Community-engaged practice is not an art form. It’s not an add-on. It’s a way of working; a deep collaboration.

The Relationship is the Project features provocations, tools and practical tips for working with communities. This includes the ethics and logistics of working on community-based projects, from First Peoples’ leadership to climate justice, cultural safety to class, intersectionality to disaster recovery and more.

This updated and expanded edition features contributions by more than 40 thought leaders across the arts, cultural and community sectors. It is a must-have resource for all community-engaged practice.

Contributors include: Genevieve Grieves, Ruth De Souza, Lia Pa’apa’a, Dianne Jones, Odette Kelada, Lilly Brown, Alia Gabres, Tania Cañas, Eleanor Jackson, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Rosie Dennis, Caroline Bowditch, Chelle Destefano, Claire Bridge, Jeremy Smith, Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Lenine Bourke, Daniel Santangeli, Simona Castricum, CQ Quinan, Alysha Herrmann, Anthony Peluso, Nina Ross, Lizzy Sampson, Jessie Scott, Esther Anatolitis, Anna Reece, Adolfo Aranjuez, Fotis Kapetopoulos, Karrina Nolan, Alex Kelly, Scotia Monkivitch, Jen Rae, Claire G Coleman, Seb Chan, Paschal Berry, Timoci O’Connor.

‘This should be the go-to book for every community practitioner and budding change maker.’ — Aleem Ali, CEO, Welcoming Australia

‘This book is brilliant and full of sound advice and wisdom from the incredible list of contributors.’ — Torika Bolatagici, Founder, Community Reading Room