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Rogue Corporations

Inside Australia’s biggest business scandals

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Crown Resorts, the Bond Group, James Hardie, HIH Insurance, Geoffrey Edelsten’s Allied Medical Group, 7-Eleven and Rio Tinto, the list goes on…

Australia has suffered from the continual sting of business scandals since corporate cowboys like Alan Bond and Christopher Skase wrought so much damage during the 1980s. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Australians have been affected, with many left traumatised when corporations collapse due to gross mismanagement and profits being put before people.

Award-winning author Quentin Beresford takes us inside corporate Australia’s highest-profile scandals and the factors that drive them — the rise of celebrity CEOs, timid regulators, inept boards, the murky links between big business, governments, banks, media and lobby groups — and explores a path towards higher ethical standards from organisations. It’s a wild ride into the heart of corporate Australia.

‘There have been too many Australian corporate scandals to keep up with in recent years, which makes Rogue Corporations so compelling — Quentin Beresford ties them all together in a powerful narrative.’ — Stephen Mayne, journalist, publisher, shareholder activist and founder of Crikey, the online newspaper