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A doctor’s eye-opening insights into contagious diseases

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A woman's innocuous cold symptoms mask a debilitating rare tick infection. A young man develops shingles then suffers blinding head pain later in life.  After years of frustration, a family eradicates head lice forever. 

Infectious follows on from Frank Bowden's 2011 Gone Viral but deals much more with everyday infectious diseases - the flu, colds, sore throats and head lice. 

It also tackles topical and critical issues in modern medical practice - the emergence of antibiotic resistance, the Ebola epidemic, the Lyme Disease controversy and the causes of chronic fatigue. It can be applied to more recent epidemics and pandemics such as SARS and novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Praise for Gone Viral

'Witty, engaging and poignant'   — Fiona Capp, the Age

'An excellent storyteller'   — Leigh Dayton, the Australian

'A wonderful communicator, but also a skilled educator and visionary medical professional' — Catriona Ooi, Royal Australian College of Physicians News

Listen to Frank Bowden in conversation with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio