Australia Remember When
December 2015
The best of Bob Byrne's hit Facebook page and much more,  Australia Remember When  is a bumper book that shows us bits of Australia we've forgotten, local identities and landmarks we loved and reminds us that the best parts of Australia haven't changed.
Numerical Street
November 2015
Age range 3 to 8 Count as you walk up Numerical Street. Every page has a numerical treat. Get your pants altered, get your keys cut, Open the book before the shops shut.
The Best Australian Science Writing 2015
Edited by Bianca Nogrady, foreword by Adam Spencer
November 2015
The annual collection celebrating the finest Australian science writing of the year.
Moral Injury
Edited by Tom Frame
November 2015
This collection of essays from ex-soldiers, military historians, chaplains and psychologists examines the unseen wounds sustained by Australians deployed to armed conflict, peacekeeping missions, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
The National Tertiary Education Union
John Michael O'Brien
October 2015
The Art of Free Travel
Patrick Jones, Meg Ulman
October 2015
Patrick, Meg and their family had built a happy, sustainable life in regional Victoria. But in late 2013, they found themselves craving an adventure: a road trip.
Minding Her Own Business
October 2015
A history that populates the streets of colonial Sydney with entrepreneurial businesswomen earning their living in a variety of small – and sometimes surprising – enterprises.
A History of Life in 100 Fossils
Mr Paul D. Taylor, Mr Aaron O'Dea
October 2015
This is the epic story of life on Earth, uniquely retold through some of the most significant fossils ever found.
The G20 and the Future of International Economic Governance
Edited by Mike Callaghan, Tristram Sainsbury
October 2015
The G20 needs to be bold and pragmatic if it is to deal effectively with the global economy's big issues.
Australian Women War Reporters
Jeannine Baker
September 2015
Why do Australians know the names of Charles Bean, Alan Moorehead and Chester Wilmot, but not Agnes Macready, Anne Matheson and Lorraine Stumm?
Key Concepts in Military Ethics
Edited by Dr Deane-Peter Baker
September 2015
Can war be morally justified? What is the philosophy behind armed conflict? How do you conduct an ethical war? And what guides military action as the nature of conflict changes over time?
The Australian Schoolkids' Guide to Debating and Public Speaking
September 2015
Age range 10+ Welcome to the world of school debating and public speaking, the best training ground for speaking, reasoning, arguing and looking critically at the big issues of today.
On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way
August 2015
On Track tells the story of John Blay's long-distance search for the Bundian Way, an important Aboriginal pathway between Mt Kosciuszko and Twofold Bay near Eden on the New South Wales far south coast. The 360-kilometre route traverses some of the nation's most remarkable landscapes, from the highest place on the continent to the ocean.
The Changi Book
Edited by Dr Lachlan Grant
August 2015
The story of Changi, told by those who lived through it.
The Idea of Art
August 2015
Curator Anthony Bond began building a contemporary international art collection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney in 1984. The collection now features many important artists, including Anselm Kiefer, Antony Gormley, Francis Bacon, Anish Kapoor and Doris Salcedo.
Inside Out
August 2015
'When I was a kid my mum used to say I'd either be very successful or end up in jail.'
Gay Men Pursuing Parenthood through Surrogacy
Mr Dean A. Murphy
July 2015
Dean Murphy analyses how relatedness is enacted in the context of gay men pursuing parenthood and a 'child of one's own' through both domestic and transnational surrogacy arrangements.
The Martin Presence
Peter Beilharz, Trevor Hogan, Sheila Shaver
June 2015
Jean Martin was a pioneer of sociology, inventing a version of the discipline that was uniquely suited to Australia in the post-war period.
Letters to my Grandchildren
June 2015
Joh for PM
Paul Davey
June 2015
Unfolding like a political thriller, Joh for PM reveals for the first time the details of the campaign that rocked Australian politics.
Sidney Nolan
June 2015
Digging through the myths around Australia's most famous artist, many of which he created himself as a masterful self-promoter, this book is the biography that Sidney Nolan deserves.
I'm Not Racist But ... 40 Years of the Racial Discrimination Act
June 2015
Is Australia a 'racist' country? Why do issues of race and culture seem to ignite public debate so readily?
Australia's Boldest Experiment
June 2015
This book shows the 1940s to be a pivotal decade in Australia. At the height of his powers, Macintyre reminds us that key components of the society we take for granted – work, welfare, health, education, immigration, housing – are not the result of military endeavour but policy, planning, politics and popular resolve.
Boycotting Israel is Wrong
Philip Mendes, Nick Dyrenfurth
May 2015
This is the first progressive book to argue that the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel is the wrong way to broker peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; rather, it argues that peace will come ony when both Israelis' and Palestinians' legitimate claims to statehood are recognised – by both sides.
May 2015
Writers, musicians, filmmakers, gamers, lawyers and academics talk about why copyright matters to them – or doesn't.
Mark Bahnisch
May 2015
Everyone has heard the clichés about Queensland politics: Queensland is 'different'. It's the 'Deep North'. Its state elections exemplify Pineapple Party Time. But what if those clichés are in fact looking more like the state of affairs in the rest of Australia? Does the Sunshine State represent the new normal in Australian politics?
Fractured Families
April 2015
Most convicts arriving in New South Wales didn't expect to make their fortunes. Some went on to great success, but countless convicts and free migrants struggled with limited prospects, discrimination and misfortune. Many desperate people turned to The Benevolent Society, Australia's first charity founded in 1813, for assistance and sustenance.
Radical Newcastle
Edited by James Bennett, Nancy Cushing, Erik Eklund
April 2015
Radical Newcastle brings together short illustrated essays from leading scholars, local historians and present day radicals to document both the iconic events of the region's radical past, and less well known actions seeking social justice for workers, women, Aboriginal people and the environment
Reg Saunders
Hugh Dolan, Adrian Threlfall
April 2015
View the Reg Saunders teaching resource on the Reading Australia website
Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials
Andrew Lynch, Nicola McGarrity, George Williams
March 2015
Most tellingly, the book asks whether seeing these anti-terror laws as normal is a danger in itself.
Robin Prior
March 2015
Van Diemen's Land
Mr Murray Johnson, Mr Ian McFarlane
March 2015
Carefully researched, using the findings of archaeologists and extensive documentary evidence, some only recently uncovered, this important book fills a long-time gap in Tasmanian history.
March 2015
Being a carer is not unlike being an interpreter. The task is to listen intently, to catch not only the words but the spirit of the message, and then to immediately pass that on. So too the carer, who is required to listen, to catch the spirit of what is needed, and then to set about to have those needs met.
The Story of Australian English
Kel Richards
March 2015
Kel Richards talks about The Story of Australian English  on the Today Show
The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd
February 2015
Fearless and forensic in its analysis, the book shows that Tasmania's decades-long quest to industrialise nature fails every time. But the collapse of Gunns is the most telling of them all.
Everything you Need to Know About the Referendum to Recognise Indigenous Australians
February 2015
This book explains everything that Australians need to know about the proposal to recognise Aboriginal peoples in the Constitution.