Transport Fuels from Australia's Gas Resources
Professor Robert Clark, Mr Mark J Thomson Dr
December 2014
The transport sector in Australia depends heavily on imported oil-based fuels. With this comes the ever-present risk of oil supply shortages. But Australia is gas-rich and oil-poor, so it makes practical sense to assess how our own gas resources can be used to produce these fuels.
Adelaide Remember When
December 2014
Adelaide Remember When is the city we remember, in pictures and words.
Hugh Dolan, artist Mal Gardiner
December 2014
The truth about the assault on Gallipoli is finally being told – panel by panel. Gallipoli: The Landing
Curating Sydney
Jill Bennett, Saskia Beudel
December 2014
What happens when artists are asked the questions usually addressed to planners and administrators?
The Melbourne Tram Book
Randall Wilson, Dale Budd
December 2014
Melbourne's trams are more than a mode of transport. They are a symbol of the city.
A Forger's Progress
November 2014
Talented, well trained and confident in his own abilities and worth, Australia's first government architect was also hot-headed and tactless.
Australia 1901 - 2001
November 2014
Tink's story is driven by people, whether they be prime ministers, soldiers, shop-keepers, singers, footballers or farmers; a mix of men or women, Australian-born, immigrants and Aborigines. He brings the decades to life, writing with empathy, humour and insight to create a narrative that is as entertaining as it is illuminating.
The Best Australian Science Writing 2014

Edited by Ashley Hay

November 2014
The annual collection celebrating the finest Australian science writing of the year.
Australian Soldiers in Asia-Pacific in World War II
Dr Lachlan Grant
November 2014
Focusing on the day-to-day interactions between soldiers on the ground and the people and cultures they encountered, this book paints a picture not only of individual lives transformed, but of dramatically shifting national perceptions, as the gaze of Australia turned from Britain to Asia.
A History of the Modern Australian University
Dr Hannah Forsyth
October 2014
Sydney Beaches
October 2014
Shark attacks and sewage slicks, lifesavers and surfers, amusement parks and beach camps — the beach is Sydney's most iconic landscape feature. From Palm Beach in the north to Cronulla in the south, Sydney's coastline teems with life. People from around the city escape to the beaches to swim, surf, play, and lie in the sun.
Trading Places
Professor Tim Harcourt
October 2014
Is Japan running out of husbands? Is China running out of wives? Did Genghis Khan really invent free trade? And why can't you see the price of a Big Mac at McDonalds in Argentina? In  Trading Places,  The Airport Economist,  a bestseller in several languages,  Trading Places  The Airport Economist Trading Places. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
Homelessness in Australia
Edited by Chris Chamberlain, Guy Johnson, Catherine Robinson
October 2014
The first book to explore the complexities of homelessness in Australia – and the future policies likely to improve the situation.
The Search for HMAS Sydney
Edited by Ted Graham, Bob King, Bob Trotter, Kim Kirsner
September 2014
In November 1941 HMAS  Sydney , the pride of Australia's wartime fleet, and its crew of 645 disappeared without a trace off the Western Australian coast. All that was known was Sydney had come under fire from the German raider HSK  Kormoran , which also sank.
The Europeans in Australia
Alan Atkinson
September 2014
This is the third and final volume of the landmark, award-winning series  The Europeans in Australia  that gives an account of settlement by Britain. It tells of the various ways in which that experience shaped imagination and belief among the settler people from the eighteenth century to the end of World War I.
Anzac, The Unauthorised Biography
September 2014
Raise a glass for an Anzac. Run for an Anzac. Camp under the stars for an Anzac. Is there anything Australians won't do to keep the Anzac legend at the centre of our national story?
What Did You Do in the Cold War Daddy?
Edited by Ann Curthoys, Joy Damousi
September 2014
Visiting the Neighbours
September 2014
Visiting the Neighbours  'Sets out a range of fascinating and different roles played by Australians in Asia.' – Michael Wesley, author of  There Goes the Neighbourhood: Australia and the rise of Asia .
Australia's Few and the Battle of Britain
Mrs Kristen Alexander
September 2014
Jack Kennedy (Sydney), Stuart Walch (Hobart), Dick Glyde (Perth), Ken Holland (Sydney), Pat Hughes (Cooma and Sydney), Bill Millington (Adelaide), John Crossman (Newcastle) and Des Sheen (Canberra): eight Australian Spitfire and Hurricane pilots of the Battle of Britain. Only one survived.
Victoria at War
Michael McKernan
August 2014
During the First World War, in Melbourne and communities throughout Victoria, schoolchildren knitted socks for the troops serving in Gallipoli, the Middle East and on the Western Front. Their families set up Red Cross branches to support the 91,000 Victorian servicemen and women overseas.
Kokoda Air Strikes
Anthony Cooper
July 2014
The author of the bestselling Darwin Spitfires casts a forensic  eye over the role that Allied air forces played – or failed to play –  in crucial World War II campaigns in New Guinea.
Menzies at War
Anne Henderson
July 2014
In the months following his resignation as PM in late August 1941, Menzies swayed between relief at his release from the burdens of office as PM and despair that his life at the top had come to so little.
Leisure Space
Edited by Paul Hogben, Judith O'Callaghan
June 2014
Dinner at Australia Square's revolving  Summit Restauran t, sipping cocktails at the Chevron in Potts Point, ha nging out at  a Skyline drive-in …
Flying Dinosaurs
June 2014
Dinosaurs didn't die out when an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. Get ready to unthink what you thought you knew and journey into the deep, dark depths of the Jurassic .
Dirty Secrets
May 2014
Well-known Australians – mavericks, activists, movers and shakers – reflect on their own ASIO files.
Diary of a Foreign Minister
April 2014
Six years after vacating his position as the longest-serving Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr returned to politics in his dream job: as Foreign Minister of Australia and a senior federal cabinet minister.
Lost Boys of Anzac
April 2014
Australians remember the dead of 25 April 1915 on Anzac Day every year. But do we know the name of a single soldier who died that day? What do we really know about the men supposedly most cherished in the national memory of war?
Australia and the Vietnam War
March 2014
Was Vietnam a case of Australia fighting 'other people's wars'? Were we really 'all the way' with the United States? How valid was the 'domino theory'? Did the Australian forces develop new tactical methods in earlier Southeast Asian conflicts, and just how successful were they against the unyielding enemy in Vietnam?
The Australia Day Regatta
Christine Cheater, Jennifer Debenham
February 2014
The Australia Day Regatta has been held on Sydney Harbour every year since 1837. Believed to be the oldest continuously held annual regatta in the world, it has grown and flourished and today involves close to 700 vessels − from ocean-going yachts to small sailing dinghies − and thousands of participants.
Rupert Murdoch
February 2014
Tony Abbott thinks that Rupert Murdoch is one of the most influential Australians of all time and that we should support our 'hometown hero'. Murdoch, who has mainly lived in New York since 1973 and renounced his Australian citizenship in order to move into American TV, has aroused much more controversy than most hometown heroes.
Piranesi's Grandest Tour
February 2014
The majestic works of eighteenth-century Italian printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi have never ceased to inspire artists, printmakers and architects.
Improving Assessment in Higher Education
Edited by Stephen Marshall, Richard Henry, Prem Ramburuth
December 2013
The Best Australian Science Writing 2013
November 2013
November 2013
From Eden to Byron Bay, the New South Wales coast is more than 2000 kilometres long, with 130 estuaries, 100 coastal lakes, and a rich history.
Black and Proud
Matthew Klugman, Gary Osmond
November 2013
It is one of Australia's most iconic images. On 17 April 1993, the Indigenous AFL footballer Nicky Winmar stood up against racial abuse and made history. Facing the Collingwood crowd that had taunted him all day the St Kilda player pulled up his shirt, pointed to his chest and declared: 'I'm black and I'm proud to be black'.
Fantasy Modern
November 2013
Australian painter and theatre artist Loudon Sainthill and his partner, entrepreneur and gallery director Harry Tatlock Miller, were at the heart of avant-garde artistic and literary circles in mid-twentieth century Melbourne, Sydney and London.